This little bird..

Has a little tale to share with you.

Sarah Goldfinch brings over 12 years experience in Advertising, Design, Illustration and client service to Goldfinch Communications,
offering a diverse set of skills and expertise in creative business management
and marketing.

After a number of years as an Art Director and Studio Manager in Adelaide, Sarah now runs the Goldfinch studio from paradise in Tropical North QLD.

The key to communication.

Beyond work commitments Sarah extends her passion for all things creative and beautiful with further pursuits such as painting, drawing, craft and food preparation. And for health, nutrition and sustainable living interests with involvement in yoga, dance, permaculture, organic gardening and natural building projects.

A keen traveller, Sarah sketches and observes details and ambient qualities of new and wonderful places, making the most of every experience and enjoying every day. Taking the opportunity to learn more about everything, contributing to an encyclopedia of ideas.

Sarah is a member of the Australian Graphic Design Association.